Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 20 2007

Hello Family! Heres an update on the work. Things
are progressing very well with Lisa. When she
said the closing prayer yesterday i felt the spirit
so strong,We have been trying to get her to read
and pray every morning with her sons. One of her
sons Trevor wants to be baptized but does not want
to learn about the church its weird. Other then that
its going great. We are also working with Richard
Cooper, he knows about and wants to be baptized,
and whenever we have gone over to his house to
teach him we always ask his wife if we can do
anything for her and she has always been friendly to missionaries, then as soon
as we give Richard a date to be baptized his wife doesn't want him to go to church
anymore. So we have been praying really hard that she will be willing to let Richard
progress and that she herself will be interested in learning about what we are
teaching. The next time we go over there and going to ask her if she wants to know about the amazing covenant
Richard is going to make when he gets baptized. Hopefully that will work. My
studying has improved dramatically over the past fews days. I have been to afraid
to mark up me new set of scriptures because they look so nice, finally i talked
myself into highlighting Names and Places which really helps me comprehend them a
lot more
Life is great! I read this morning the Jacob chapter 5 and finally understood
it! Its freaking awesome i love that the Lord tells us in these latter days when
we are doing missionary work that he will be with us and that if we work with
all our might are joy is going to be so great! And it is! I am so happy right
now having fun sharing the gospel. Jake Ferrigan, the 15 year old recent convert
told me that he didn't want to get the priesthood, I flat out told him that
without responsibility he will not amount to anything in this life, then i was
sharing this experience with Elder Packer and he told me that it was the voice
of my Father telling him that, then i pondered on how proud Dad would have been
when he heard me say that. And how great a dad i have! Happy Fathers Day!

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 13, 2007

hello everybody!!!
HOLY COW its so amazing to hear from you don!! i prayed so hard the night before
you e-mailed us that you would contact us in some way. i guess is worked. Don i
have some advice for you Dont Die! there was a promise give by a general
athourity that if you read the book of mormon in another language then read the
book of mormon in english verse by verse you will be fluent in that language
when you are done, so you should try that with spanish, i did it for 2 chapters
then got distarcted, anyways i love being on a mission! it is so amazing! We are
praying for three people to be baptized before the 24 which is the last day of
this transfer Chris, Richard, and Lisa its going to be great! I will be sad to
move out of Timmins i love it here the people treat me like family its great!

love Elder Barrand

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jake and Jason Ferigan get baptized!

Dear Family
Things are going amazing here in Timmins! We had 3 baptisms this past week the first two were of a recent
converts sons Jake and Jason Ferrigan, their dad baptized them in a beautiful lake one after another, it was
great we had Lisa, one of our investigators, show up to the baptism it was the first one in 8 months she was
able to witness. That was on last Saturday, then on Sunday after church Liliane Gauthier got baptized by her
husband it was great! Some other people we are teaching are Chris and Heaven, they are a young couple living
together. They are going to be married as soon as they can get a copy of Heavens birth certificate. Richard
another investigator that has been meeting with missionaries for the past year has finally made it out to church
with his four year old son, he loved it and wants to come back next week. We are also beginning to teach our
recent converts other children Brother Ferrigan's 23 and 26 year old daughters.
Hey family its so great to hear from you guys! I have some amazing pictures of Jake and Jason's baptism i
will try and get them to you as soon as possible. I don't have much to say except that i love working for the
Lord working hard always thinking about Jesus Christ its great! Calling people the repentance is so much fun.
Especially when they have a lot to change from.
Love Elder Barrand