Sunday, March 23, 2008

Rita came to church!

Family!! This Transfer is so much fun here are some crazy pictures of
our awesome district. The city is down town Hamilton, Elder Romine and
I with our brand new 2008 Malibu it's sooo nice, and I am wearing my
new suit.

Dear Family here is a report one the work:
This week went by really well, Rita finally came to church it was
awesome, I hope and pray her mom lets her get baptized. Jethro is
progressing slowly but surly we have to invent something fun and new
each time we go over to teach him, last time we brought a bunch of
pictures and played a fun guessing game.
This week we traveled Elder Orr and Elder Penner, I loved traveling
elder Penner he is so smart and loves the studying and learning the
gospel he had this great excitement to talk to people and contact
them. And he was an amazing teaching bearing strong testimony of the
savior and expounding scriptures in the most amazing way.

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Twenty year olds......

Here is a quick report on the Work:
Things are going amazing Elder Romine and I are having so much fun working so hard. Zone Leader council was amazing spiritual experience with tons a great in sites to help become a better leader.
Rita is progressing very well we taught her all the commandments and gave her a strength of youth pamphlet. The only thing that is holding her back is her mom thinks our church is a cult and doesn’t want her to come to church. So we told her to bare her testimony of the Book of Mormon to her mom and also read some of the strength of youth pamphlet with her. I pray that her heart is will softened

Things are doing so great I cant express in words the spirit I have felt in the passed few days as I have received instruction from President Middleton and from other Zone Leaders. To explain what happens and how the mission is run, all the Zone leaders gather together with the President and his assistants and we talk and give instruction to each other in the spirit, discussing the needs of the missionaries and what goals we have set to improve each of our individual Zones. To open the meeting we sang hymn #27 “Praise to the Man” while singing the spirit of the Lord touched my heart I realized who I was and who I was with. I am just a kid the only things I would care about in this world would be girls and video games and maybe school if I wasn’t LDS. How does missionary work progress when 20 years olds are running it??? It is the work of the Lord and I know it! If it was not the work of the Lord missionaries would have screwed it up a long time ago. I am so thankful for the chance and opportunity to be a part of the great work of the Lord. I know it.

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Rita, My district

Here is a quick report on the work:
Things are going very well. We taught Rita our investigator a plan of salvation it was amazing she loved every second of it then we taught her how to recognize and listen to the spirit and she is doing amazing she is reading the Book of Mormon and understanding it. She is placing the puzzle pieces together of if the Book of Mormon is true then Joseph Smith was a prophet and there is Jesus Christ’s Church again on the earth. I am so very excited for her. That is so far our only progressing investigator.

Hello Family!!
Things are going to great I love the work and I love bearing testimony of the Atonement and of Joseph Smith being a prophet. Dad are so lucky to talk to Don I miss him alot
Happy birth day this Sunday mom
Love Elder Barrand