Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dad, and mom
you are the best i love you! thats exactly what i needed to hear bury
their temptation or their sin in the ground, thats what i need to do
in my life. on a very personal note i have been struggling alot
thinking about playing video games when i get home, remember i said
that i would never play WoW again. i read a New Era article "Stephen
F. Powell, "Game Over," New Era, Aug 2005, 27" where is says you can
play games but in moderation so it got my mind thinking that i could
play WoW when i get home. but my mind has been consumed by it. i fear
what would happen if i came home and played. i don't know if i would
have the control. luckily these past week i have not talked about it
but i have been thinking about it alot. it hasn't slowed me down work
wise but. it does consume my attention. so like the anti-nephi-lehi's
i need to completely bury my past transgressions.

Anyways on a happier note! Today we are taking 100 catholic students
on a tour of our church and teaching them the basic principles and
doctrines and a Q and A session. i am so excited plus i organized most
of it together which is really fun.
Its so interesting being a Zone Leader because you have so much stuff
to get done, so not a whole lot of time is spent finding. you travel
alot so you are not in your own area alot. but i love working with
other elders helping them in their area and training them on what
they can improve on, and learning from them. i love it!

love Elder Barrand

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weak vs Strong Wards

I love you guys i hope that writing you two is as personal and i cant
get without using too much time. i love being able to talk to you i am
sorry that i was complaining about some things and not really talking to
you two more to tiana and joe. anyways i love being out hear our
investigator that came to church Tim he was very intrigued at if the
church is the true and one perfect one on the earth then why were the
members joking and teasing each other. btw the bishop here is one of
the funnest people i have ever meet. so i got a interesting perspective
when testifying to time that the church is run by none perfect people
trying to do their best. anyways after i got off the phone with you
guys we went to a dinner appointment where the very strong members were
telling us about how nice it would be to live in Utah or in another
ward where they had a simple calling like door greeter or something
like that. and i told them that hey should be thankful for being in a
weak ward because how much more do they need you to help the ward and
server them and use your talents. interestingly this statement
contradicted what i had told you guys on the phone not one hour before
hand. so i came to the realization or how blessed am i to be need by a
ward or area that is struggling that needs my help. i love you so
much and wanted to say again happy mothers day

love elder Barrand

ps i guess you didn't write because of mothers day

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I am a red

ohh dad i love getting your emails the family looks so happy all together there is only one person missing, well not really missing in spirit :) i love you guys. things are going tough we have no one we are teaching. everyone we find are YSA because london is a big college town. but i love my compaion like alma and amulek did, we help each other so much and lift and inspire and correct and teach each other elder madsen is amazing. when i read the story of alma and amulek i see it different in some perspective because i am a missionary. alma goes to the city and is rejected then trys again this time with the help of a member, so one who lives there and knows the people not just moved in from colorado for a few months then with the testimony of both a servant and a member thousands were converted. telling me how important member missionary work it.
anyways i am so thankful for all your support and your prayers i was wondering how joe was doing he has not written me back in a long time if you could get on his case that would be great. i see so much potential in him. how is don doing in progressing in the gospel. is he living up to his covants? ask mom about the "colour" personality test i took and how i have turned into a red on the mission compared to a white in highschool and a yellow in college. its weird what responsibilty, the gospel, and leadership and does to a person.

love elder barrand

Sunday, May 4, 2008

I'm a red

i am sorry that i didnt write you mom i love getting your letters they are a highlight of my day i love when you personalize them to me. the family looks so happy all together. you are an amazing ward missionary i wish all members could be good fellow shippers and finders as yourself. some things this week that have happened is we have been teaching alot of people but they are all YSA and we have to hand them off we only have one person in our teaching pool. so allot of our focus is on the members most important the bishop. oh mom i love this new weahter the winter is finally over and i am so thankful :) a couple weeks ago you said that you were prayer for me to have more energy. a couple days before i received your email about you guys praying about that i remember telling my companion that i have never had this much energy on the mission before. so i am so thankful for your prayers i know they work. i am trying so hard to develop more love and charity. its really funny if you remember when i was in high school i was a White on the color personality test. then in college i switched to a yellow. you would never believe what "color" i am now. i am a Red with a little bit of yellow. isnt that crazy what responsibility and leadership with do to a person. anyways i love you mom and i hope you can receive some good revelation on how you can help the people you are working with in your job

love elder barrand

ps new address is
340 Colborne St. #404
London, ONT N6B 3N1