Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dinner at Bob's

Hey Family!
Things are going great! Elder Rollins and I are working
hard we walk
about 15-20 miles a day and talk to
every person we can and we are having the
times of our lives. Elder Rollins is really smart and
knows the gospel
really well he is teaching me a great
many things. Elder Rollins is 6'7 and
about 215 pounds.
So all my companions have been a lot bigger then me
its fun,
but I still pick on him anyways. Thank you so
much for your letters Celeste and
Mom they make my
days! Don you are a stud keep up the good work at
church they
need you to be an example. Dad happy birth
day, there is a recent convert here
named Bob and his
new birth day is Nov 12 2006, and he cant wait to turn
one so
he can go to the temple. Bob has spent 13 of his 44 years of life behind bars,on charges of attempted man
slaughter, and he was a drug dealer, almost made it
to status of drug lord, and robbed a lot of people. But he is
a teddy bear at
heart. He literally has been born again, he feeds us every Sunday and calls us every night to talk
and always gives us the biggest hugs when we see him.
It's amazing what the gospel can do. I love you all and
thanks for your
Love Elder Barrand

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mary Ellen Nyman's Baptism and Elder Rollings

Hello family!!!
Here is a quick report on the work:
This week is going by great but very fast. Elder Rollings arrived in our area and went out and found 2 wonderful new investigators Kim who is a single mom and a 4 month old baby, looking for truth as well as her family, and it is a miracle she is still alive she survived an amazing car accident. Its going to be fun teaching her because she has such amazing faith and a strong testimony in
miracles. Hugh the other new investigator was a media referral for a Book of Mormon, he seems very excited to read it and very humble. Mary Ellen Nymans Baptisam went great! She is so excited about life there is a huge change from the first time we meet her. She is making sure she will be there this Sunday to get the Holy Ghost, and then every following Sunday to partake of the sacrament.
This week was transfers week and I got a new companion, and it is so much fun! My New companion's name is Elder Rollings. The Last area Elder Rollings served in was the MTC, and that means I am training him! HURRAY It is such a blast, he has some amazing faith, I can tell already because the first day we went out to work we found two great new investigators. I am so lucky to have the chance to train another missionary especially with my self being just a few months out. so i gave birth too, in mission terms i have boy and i am a daddy. Congrats on the baby Dan and Dave that's so exciting!! She is so cute and I love the name Lily. Congrats on you 1 year mark Tiana time is flying by so fast. I love you all and hope you are all doing ok. I will make sure I get pictures for you next week.
Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wednesday Sept 12

Dear Family
Here is a quick report on the work:
Maryellen's baptismal date for the
16th looks like its going to go through
the Zone Leaders Traveled us yesterday
and gave her an interview. We are
trying to get her a ride to stake
conference which there is barley enough
members going too. So I think we are
going to have the baptism on Sunday
evening. Its very exciting the change
that has been brought into her life from
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We got a new investigator name Barb this
week she is a media referral from a commercial. She is golden, we wants the spirit
in her life bad, and wants to find a good church to go to. She is going through some hard family troubles
that has humbled her a lot.

Hey family!!! Things are going so great it is awesome being a missionary!
I got some amazing emails from guys this week. Don you are a stud I hope you
fulfill your callings to the fullest, there are some amazing blessings that come
from teaching. Bud Bailey in the MTC is doing fantastic learning another language. And It sounds like the family is doing great thank you for you emails
I love them very much.

Summer came to an end fast the tempature has drop to about 8 degrees C and
rained a ton I love trying to contact people out in the rain it's a blast they
seem to never have time but I think they say that because they don't like the
rain. But I love the rain. I wish I could be in your ward mom and dad with 12
gators at church I get so excited if we have 2 there, that must be fun, anyways
I love you all very much and hope everything is going well

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The coolest and best story of all

Dear Family,
Heres a quick report on the work:
Things are going great! Maryellen the lady with the baptizmal date is
progressing very well she is takening the stop smoking program really hard, but
we know that she will be able to over come it becauseshe told us about how she
used God's help to get over her crack addiction.
Rob is going through some hard times because his girl friend left him again, he
might not see it but i think its a blessing because he needs the gospel bad in
his life. Now nothing we be holding him back besides smoking from getting the
blessings that comes from keeping the commandments.
Study is going well, i have focus most my efforts this last week on lesson one
and two, most of all the atonement, it is amazing!

Things have been going great. Its so great to hear from everyone Missionary work
really is fun my only worry and care is for others and their salvation, i wish
people understood that when we cantact them on the street, but oh well. i wish i
had some cool or great stories to tell you guys, the only thing i see much is the atonement of Jesus Christ
taking affect, which i think is the coolest and best story of all. thank you for
your prayers they work.

love Elder Barrand

Monday, September 3, 2007

Thursday August 30th 2007

Hello Family
here is a report on the work:
Things are going great we have been working hard with our investigators.
Maryellen Nyman has a baptismal date for the 14th of September, she absolutely
loves having us over. She has progressed huge amounts in the past few weeks, the
biggest thing she is going to have to over come is her addiction to tobacco
which we knew she will be able to over come with the help of the Lord.
Also Brant and Emily are progressing very well they read the Book of Mormon now
every day its wonderful with Brant’s new job they are going to use the first
paycheck to bye Emily’s birth certificate so that she can get a marriage
We have been working hard to find new people, because our teaching pool is small
right now.

Hey everyone sorry i was unable to write you guys last week we had our last Zone
Conference with President Ashton. Our new Mission Pres's name is Middleton its
going to be great. We our having fun working hard. hope everything is going
great back at home. i love you all.

Love Elder Barrand