Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thining of the Atonement

Hello Family
Wow things are going great! We just got back from Zone conference which
was amazing, right before we left we stopped by an investigators house and
taught them a Third lesson, it was fantastic, The situation for this
investigator is she is living with a member and not married, her name is Celina,
she has been wanting to be baptized for a few weeks but has been unable to
because she was not married to Brother Jordan. They have bought the marriage
license but have not gotten it signed by someone with the authority to marry
them yet. We committed to them to get married before the week was up and they
said they would, and then she told us that she wanted to be baptized ASAP so we
gave her the date of the 5th of Aug. As well Angel another one of our
investigators was with us at the Jordan̢۪s and has also wanted to be baptized
the same time as Celina so she wants to be baptized on the 5th as well its very
exciting. I love you all very much and I hope everything is going well.

Love Elder Barrand

p.s. the church is true, I know Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly
Father, with and answer to a humble prayer. I can̢۪t think of anything besides
the Atonement that we could be more happy about!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The reluctant wife

Dear Family
Hello Family Things are going well. Dan our investigator had a baptismal
date for this Sunday but his wife does not want him to get baptized, we have
tried to teach her every time but she never wants to listen to us, we told Dan
that we respect his wifes feelings and we dont want to go against her. So
that door closed but another one opened we are getting a couple married this
weekend! Brother Jordan has been living with Celina, finally Brother Jordans
Divorce Papers are though so we went and got them the paperwork for a marriage
license they were really happy when we gave it to them. Celina really wants to
get baptized, that was the only thing holding them back.
Another exciting event we all rehearsed Nearer My God to Thee and
sung its for one of the other Elders Investigators Cj who we gave a baptismal
date for the 29th.
I will try and get some pictures to you guys asap
love Elder Barrand

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tyler and Dan and President Monson

Hello Family!
Things are going great up in Sault Ste Marie, We have one investigator
with a baptismal date, his name is Tyler and he is struggling with the word of
wisdom, When we teach him it we will promise some major blessings it will be
great. We have been working very hard trying to talk to people and share the
restoration. Another investigator named Dan. Is about 50 and is unemployed has
let us teach him. He came to church this Sunday. He is a big history buff and I
tried the best I could to tell him about how the world changed with the
revolutionary war and America being the only country at that time in the world
where they could practice religious freedom. I see some amazing potential in
this man. He is hard to read because he does not show emotion. In addition, he
is reading the Book of Mormon and keeping commitments.

I read the past conference talks and they are amazing! One of my favorites is I
Know My Redeemer Lives by Monson, after reading that about life and death I got
excited about sharing my new found knowledge with anyone that had some one pass away, and I am so
thankful for our Lords atoning sacrifice so that we could live again and be with
our families forever. I love you all and thanks so much for your support and

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hello Family,
In my new area we are walkin/riding bikes. We have been working hard all week
and only had one sit down lesson with a less active member Emily and her
boyfriend Brant who is investigating and living with, during the lesson one of
Brants friends Tayler who is 14 came and sat in our lesson in and told us he
wanted to become a member of our church we gave him a copy of the book of mormon
he opened it up right there and started reading page one we told him that he
could be baptized as early as the 22nd and he was very excited about that, he
just needs to get his father who he told us would not be to excited to quit
smoking to approve his baptism.
Things are going great! We are trying really hard to get members excited about
doing missionary work, they feed us alot here so that should be pretty easy.
Thank you everyone for you support, letters, and prayers they are very nice!

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, July 1, 2007

District Leader

Hello Family
I have wonderful news I am leaving Timmins and headed to Sault Saint
Marie, the only place in the mission that part of its area covers some of the
State Michigan, and the coolest part is the Lord has placed me as District
Leader, and I have only been out 3 transfers, not very many people get to be
senior companion being out this young let alone be leadership, anyways when
President told me about be district leader he said the lord wants me to reach my
full potential, so I am very excited. My new companion is elder Lahadurn he is
huge weights about 300 pounds and is from Montana.