Saturday, August 18, 2007

Celina Jordan's Baptism

Dear family

Here's the report on the work
We had an awesome week! Celina Jordan was baptized this Sunday; it is so
exciting to her make that wonderful covenant with Heavenly Father. Now that she
is baptized I think her family finally has all the motivation to keep the
commandment and go to church every Sunday and be active members. It is
wonderful. At Celina's baptism one of Celina's daughter's friends told us
that she wanted to be baptized, we are going to start teaching her this
We are also working with a young family the father and mother's names
are Ryan and Marcie. We watched parts of the video Family Answers and he
absolutely loved it. They are progressing very well.

When we watched that video with Ryan and Marcie I relized how amazing mom and
dad were its like they took notes from that video of what would make great
parents and they lived it, always making time for us each week for dates. Dad
always asking how was your day, and me always answering it was good
You guys were awesome thanks so much for being great parents!
Don, I miss you a lot and love you very much. You are always in my prayers never
forget that. Please be safe. Please live worthy to hear that promptings of the
Holy Ghost. he will keep you out of harms way. I love you

Love elder barrand

Friday, August 10, 2007

Celina Jordan wants a forever family!

Hey family
Things are going great! There will be a baptism of Celina Jordan this weekend,
she is so excited to be baptized and have the gift of the Holy Ghost. And to be
able to raise her kids in the church and progress with her new husband
Another one of the people we are teaching is Maryellen, she loves listening to
us when ever we talk about families being together forever she starts crying,
she wants to be baptized but does not know if she was baptized when she was
younger, we are trying to get a record check on her.
We are also working with a man named Rob who has been in contact with a lot of
anti from a local priest, and has been turned off to that church because of the
contention that comes from seeing and reading the anti. So things are
progressing with him slowly but in time he will come around.

Love Elder Barrand