Sunday, July 27, 2008

What I'm Thankful for:

Hello Family!!!
Happy birthday Celeste!

here is a quick report on the work:

This week went really well we had a couple of really jam packed days while we were in our area and were able to get 3 new investigators, definitely a blessing from the Lord Also a past investigator we had dropped 2 weeks ago finally came to church with her excommunicated boy friend her name is Jacqui and she has some great potential to progress I am very excited. Also we started teaching a young couple name Adrian and Lexy. Adrian believes the Book of Mormon to be true because a preacher from another faith told him to read it and he did and loved it, which is very interesting. Then Lexy is still having a hard time believe that God exists so its fun trying to teach them at two different levels.

Things are going so great!
mom and dad, danica and dave you guys are the best thanks so much for being great member missionaries i wish and pray more members would have the courage like you to invite others to hear the good news! i bet the missionaries there just love you. one cool thing that has happened i finished reading Jesus the Christ for the first time, and i loved it. i set a goal for myself to make
that book along with preach my gospel a life long study. i got your letter mom about things i am thankful for so here are a few on my list:
God being our loving father in heaven hearing and answering our
prayers giving his peace to our hearts when we need it.
Jesus Christ preforming and completing the atonement, through which we
can receive a remission of our sins.
Joseph Smith his humble prayer that opened the windows of heaven once again.
My family i love you all so much! who can ask for a better more
amazing group of people.
The scriptures to teach us how we can come unto Christ.
The companionship of the Holy Ghost, what peace is brought into my
heart when living worthy of that great gift.
there are many more but i am our of time

love elder barrand

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Authority, Shannon, never been more obedient, enthused and urgent

Dad and mom, Oh how i love your letters i just got your 4th of july letter yesterday thank you so much for the $40 that means alot but i dont know what i will spend it on. and it sounds like you are doing some amazing work helping people over come their addictions, i love it!
mom and dad if i had enough time to tell you everything that is going on that would be amazing. but i want you to know mom and dad that i have never being more obedient, more enthused, more urgent about the work, and i can only feel myself going onward and upward, i love the
lord and his work, i love the atonement and the power of recieving a remission of our sins, i love the principle of repentance and always being able to improve our lives, i love my companion and the missionaries i serve. i love the story about coaching the swim team dad it brought tears to my eyes. thank you so much mom and dad for supporting me while i share the gospel i love it. these last 6 months will be the best i know for sure

here is a quick report on the work Things are going very well we are getting the area jump started again last transfer we dropped most of our investigators. So some people we are teaching is Shannon she is a 23 year old lady that studied world religions as her major is college, so she knows a lot about each religion but doesn't really believe them. when we were teaching her she
had so many questions but we said we would answer them in the next lesson so she is very excited to meet with us again. We are also teaching the guy named Pat he is about 20 and has a brain tumor and will die in about 5-10 years he is a tattoo artist and has alot of word of wisdom problems but he wants to change his life and understood authority when we taught him and asked so the preacher that baptized me didn't have the authority? and we were so happy he
understood. Other then that the Zone is doing very well. elder Ruckman and i get along very well and we are learning a lot from each other in our long driving trips.

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, July 13, 2008


were this week things are a little crazy i am leaving elder tagg and my new companion is elder ruckman he is a stud. other then that things are great i love you guys and hope everything is going well

love elder barrand
Dad and Mom,
First off happy birth day Dad!!!
i hope you guys do some thing fun for 4th of july, we saw some cool fireworks last night for canada day but it didnt even compare to anything in the states. i remeber Ken alot he actually made a huge impression on me when i served with him in teachers quorm. he was just then a recent convert and was magnifying his calling very well, then later when i was in elders quorum he was always the first one to sign up for any service opportunities, he is an amazing man. Thanks for the reminder, that everyone has the potential to become amazing, for we
are all Gods children. This week went by really fast. the longest day was we drove 4 hours to
go do a baptismal interview in the Soo for Bob davidson's son its was amazing, then drove 4 hours back to sudbury and contacted a few people and that was our day. the feeling i felt while bob was telling me how thankful he is for his son, Rob being baptized, fill my heart with the
unexplainable joy i loved it.

Love elder barrand