Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our Gator Waye

Hey everyone!Things are going great we have been
working hard teaching our investigators preparing
them for baptism. Elder packer and i are traveling
North Bay (another city in the Great North) it is
300k away i don't really know how far that is in
miles but it took us about 3 hours to get here.
We get to actually see other missionaries it is
awesome! Wayne our amazing gator at church on
Sunday told me the excuse for not getting baptized
was melting away, then we went to go teach him
the word of wisdom on Monday and he had already
started living it that morning. This man was so
prepared to hear the gospel and have it change his
life, it is so cool to be able to see the affects that is has on him and his family.
I am so thankful for Mom and Dad even thoughit was tough getting up every morning at
5:45 for scrip tures and prayers it was worth it, having FHE and singinglove at home every Sunday
together even though i would of rather been playing video games. Most important dates once a
week either going and getting owned by dad in racquetball or going on walks with mom on Sundays
wow you guys are awesome!!! and learning to settle arguments even though i have yet to use it
with a comp i have taught elder packer anyways. Anyways i love you all hope everything is going
well sorry i don't have time to write more or get any pictures to you guys.
Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hey everyone! We had stake conference this last Sunday Elder Kerr was there,  he is a member of the first Seventy and a very loving man, he meet with just us missionaries for our Zone conference and taught us a great way to set people for baptism i cant wait so use it to set some of our gators to be baptized. Right after closing prayer at conference Elder packer and i went looking for his backpack because he had lost it. I ran into Elder Kerr just before he was leaving and was able to shake his hand again he said 5 simple words to me that hit me really strongly he said give it all you got i know that seems like simple words of Encouragement but to me it was a little different. I had a long time to think about it on the 4 hour drive back to Timmins from where Stake conference was held. I know those were inspired word to me because if I am able to give 100% of all I have only then will I be able to reach my full potential and become the man I have always dream of being, but even better the missionary the Lord has always wanted to have. You got me good Dad i thought for sure you hurt 
your leg or something bad, you better be ready for a beating when i get back. I love you all and hope everything is going well! Love Elder Barrand   Here is a list of people we are working with incase you are interested Wow things are going great up here in Timmins! Its was so  wonderful to receive great council from Elder Kerr at Stake Conference, we are going to set some people for baptism using his who what why when, method i cant wait to see the results.
Howard Fletcher He is struggling to over come smoking with his girl friend Crystal but loves the gospel and loves reading the Bible we just need to get him to love reading the Book of Mormon just as much. He is a good man wants to keep the commandments of God as soon as he stops smoking we are going to baptize him.
Janna Magman -she is also trying to over come smoking she knows its not good for her and wants to quit for her 10 month old child, her mom is less active and has been for about 30 years i know that if we get her daughter baptized she will want to come back to the church. Again once she quits we are going to do the Who What Why When method with her to get her baptized.
Wayne Ferrigan -Wow this man is a Golden investigator. We have only taught him a first so far, which he loved and was excited to read the Book of Mormon and see us again. We are going to teach him a second tonight. Wayne has 4 kids and has been married to his wife for 25 years and just wants the best for his family. I cant wait to see the best thing ever happen to him and his  family and that is coming unto the fold of Jesus Christ.
Diann -She is a less active who is struggling separating the Doctrine from the Culture because she lived in Provo for a couple of summers and saw that the people weren't always the best latter day saints, and now questions the church. I had only read the Book of Mormon once before the mission
 and had a good testimony of it but now i love reading it again and understanding the stories and the principles that it teaches and its a blast!