Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Floor Hockey

Dear Family!
this week as you know i was playing floor hockey at church and my companion did a slap shot and on his follow through his stick met my face it knocked my front right tooth clean out root and everything, and chip up the front left one really bad. i think one of my canines went clean through my lip and i had to get 2 stiches. the first picture is right after i got hit the second picture is right now. which is just temporary i cant use my front teeth to eat anything for a couple of weeks. and there is a bunch more stuff that has to get dont to my teeth. but looking on the bright side i have lost a buch of weight already because it hurts so much to eat that i havent been stuffing myself as much as usual. This week has been going great we have been working very hard i am in a Three some Elder Wells, Elder Ford and I, we are tearing it up. getting hit in the teeth has not slowed me down at all in fact i have been working harder then ever. merry christmas and happy new year i love you all so much and will see you in a couple of weeks

love elder barrand

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving chickens

Here is a quick report on the work:
This week went pretty well we started teaching this guy name Todd Roux he seemed very receptive and understood everything we taught. He agreed on reading the Book of Mormon but i think he thinks there is a hidden scheme we are trying to pull over his eyes its pretty funny. I
pray that he works out well. Other than that we are finding a lot of college students to teach and hand over to the sisters they are pretty busy too with exams this week.

Dear Family
Things are going so well i hope you enjoyed your thanks giving as much as i did. A family named the Crawfords one of my favourite families here, invited us over to help them do some service. It was the funniest service I have done yet we got to kill their chickens . I finally got to see what happens when you chop of a chickens head and they flop around on the ground for a long time it was awesome! Now i know how to kill and skin a chicken isn't that great!
Anyways, the work is going very well I am so excited you guys decided to house missionaries, that is so awesome. I was thinking about telling you guys to do that. I love you guys very much
Love Elder Barrand

November 26th

11/19 Here is a quick report on the work:
Things are going very well we have been able to find many new YSA students for the sisters to teach, like this young man named John we taught him and he understood everything so well even his mom came in at the end and posed as some opposition and John told his mom off and
said that he loves learning it was great.
Tiana and Don Congratulations on the engagements thanks so much for scheduling them so I could be there. Families are the best things in the world! I love you guys so much. Bryce I hope you feet can be healed, maybe you could get back on the boards a couple of times and test out the waters again that would be awesome! Celeste and Brad thanks so much for the birthday letter, I can't wait to meet Brooklyn for the first time haha. It's crazy to think that. Good luck with your decision making I know with the Lords help you will make the right choices. Danica and Dave have fun doing whatever you guys are doing working and rising kids. I hope you enjoy these pictures we took them at my birth day.

Love Elder Barrand11/26 Hey Family things are going great! this last week has been good to me
and elder ford we have been working hard and enjoying serving the Lord i love you all and have a happy thanksgiving

i am thankful for God and his son Jesus Christ, My family, my companion, being able to devote all my time to serving the Lord.
love elder barrand