Wednesday, November 28, 2007

christmas on the 26th of november

hello family!! this week has been awesome! i got your christmas package and set up the tree like the directions told me to then i did so well i went 4 hours without opening any presents it was one of the best chirstmas's ever i got new g's which were badly needed, new scrpitures because elder rollins has a brand new set as well, a wicked sweet chirst calender, then the best gift of all mom
put together a photo album with quotes from my patriarchal blessings attached, i love it so much it is one of the best gifts i have ever gotten thank you so much mom and dad it was the best christmas on the 26th of november ever! btw the workis going well it is snowing alot i will get you pictures asap
love elder barrand

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hello Family!
Things are going so awesome! I am not a big fan of tracking door but
there is always a time in missionary work where you have nothing to do and you
need to be out working. So tracking is the best thing you have think of. So
elder Rolling and I started knocking on doors and I have never really had much
success from getting people off their nice comfy couches to answer the door to
two dorks with parted hair and name tags and really ugly ties. We tracked out 2
streets and was able to get 6 awesome contacts. I love how the Lord blesses you
when you have faith and show it through works. Moral of the story is to keep the
missionaries from doing the least effective thing they can think of and give
them a referral today! All those who have served missions know that members are
the best way to bring people to the Truth and Light. So pray and ask Heavenly
Father who of your friends can you bring to the Gospel.
Anyways I love this precious time that I have to be around other Elders
and see and know amazing people I got to shake Elder Nelson for the Twelve Friday last week which
was pretty cool, and never before and never again will I be with 3 other
people/elders my age and start singing a Hymn and they will join me its so cool,
and be able to talk about gospel principles and doctrine all day and not get
sick of it. I love you all and hope things are going great.

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Preach My Gospel

Hello family!
Here is a quick report on the work:
               Things are going fantastic Elder Rollins and I are teaching a man named John Blais
he has meet with missionaries before about a year back. We have taught him a few times
and he has made the sacrifice to come out to church the past couple of weeks. We invited
him to be baptized on the 25th and he said he would. Then when talking to people at church
he mentioned to a few of the members that he was very excited about his baptism which is
very cool!
 Family life is great! I am sorry about not writing last week. What a wonderful week it has
been John has committed him self to be baptized it is so wonderful. Bob is no longer a
recent convert but has upgraded to member because his rebirth day was on the 12th of
November, then my birthday was yesterday so we had a good time eating some cake.
I am doing great mentally, physically, and spiritually although I am at about 200 pounds
I would like to cut back to about 190 the members feed us too well here. Mentally I am
getting along with my companion just great although I am ready for a new area I have
been in this area going on 6 months and its time for a scenery change. Spiritually I am
doing awesome I absolutely love being able to enjoy the amazing incredible cool stories
and the Book of Mormon has to offer. The stories show the most amazing examples or
how to be a great missionary. Also Preach My Gospel is amazing. I am striving my hardest
to become a Preach my Gospel Missionary which is the most effective tool in the Lords
Hands. We are trying to get our ward excited about doing missionary work and making
them into Preach My Gospel Members if you feel inclined to read preach my gospel go to
page 160 and start reading.
Anyways we got a little snow last week and made a huge snowman and it still has a tiny
bit left we took some funny pictures but these silly computers wont let me send any pictures
from my new camera.
Love Elder Barrand      

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Importance of reading the Scriptures

Hello Family!
Things are going awesome. we are teaching everyone that will listen to us the
restoration it is so much fun! Elder Rollins and i are still together for
another transfer! hurray! our investigators are progressing slowly but surly.
our mission president said and interesting thing he said that we right now are
the Lords most Golden investigators i was thinking about that and about how can
i make me gators more golden, and i pray so hard that they will read the Book of
Mormon and Pray if it is the word of God, what is so hard about reading. then i
think back to how much i have read before my mission and i barely ever read. the
people that are the most happy are the ones that go to church read and pray, its
that simple.

THANKS so much for the camera i opened it early to take some missionaries that i
might not see again because of transfers but i LOVE IT

love elder barrand