Thursday, October 11, 2007

General Conference

Dear Family

Here is a quick report on the work:
Things are going great! These past couple days it seems we have barely been working 2 days of General Conference and now Zone Conference, but its awesome so much spiritual enlightenment and zeal to do better and teach better I am excited. We had Larry Wright a new investigators this week come to a session of General Conference. He slept threw most of it but the spirit was there, he has been studying with the Witnesses for 15 years and not been baptized. But he wants tomake sure it is the right one so that’s why he is talking to us. It’s going to be great to bare strong spirit fill testimony of the first vision that Elder Kakuchi taught us.Wow this are going awesome! I loved general conference my favorite talk by far was Elder Holland’s on the Trinity or President Eyring in priesthood session.
This work is amazing. I feel impressed to share what the First Vision has done for me in my life. First when the spirit that is felt in baring testimony confirms my witness that it happened! I know with out a doubt in my mind itdid! The blessing I have seen are these:
Having the best family in the world, I think back to the day when Don was sealed to us and how lucky we are to know that families are eternal. How great is it that the priesthood is restored and we can partake from its glorious blessing. I cant wait for my next sealing! Knowing that we are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who wants to see the very best for us. This means, receiving answers to prayers and revelations for others that we need to help. I love this gospel I feel a great neglect the gratitude I need to give it. The best way of doing that is loving and serving others. Which I am trying my best to do. I love you all and hope we can all amount to all the Lord has in store for us

Love Elder Barrand