Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cell Phones! Snow forts! Relief Society President!

Hello Family!
Wow things are so awesome I love the Christmas season it a blast! I am having so much fun I love my new companion so much he loves to go out and work hard. I am so thankful for him. It has snowed a ton this week in fact we are going to make a huge snow fort for our p-day activity as a Zone. It is so awesome to serve around other missionaries you make a lot more lifetime amazing friends. Its fun being district leader over the sister missionaries they tell me I have the best sisters in the mission so that’s cool. They remind me of Tiana. And our mission just got every mission companionship cells phones Hurray!! that makes the work so much more effective. We had an awesome dinner appt last night with this part member family they have the most adorable little girls 4 and 5 years old they were so cutie. After dinner we had a testimony meeting with the family. The father who is the only one not a member. The sisters started out and said their testimonies first then everyone else did except the father. But the spirit was so strong it was awesome. I hope he recognized it. Anyways I love being a missionary I love my Saviour, and I know he lives and I know the Joseph Smith was his Prophet to usher in the glorious last and final dispensation. I am so thankful to have this amazing knowledge. Merry Christmas everyone!

Love Elder Barrand

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I'm the Relief Society Pres in a new area!

hello mom and dad thing are going so freaking awesome! i got transfered to a new area, the area i am in is London Ontario i am so excited my new comp's name is Elder Hayashi. I am district leader over 3 sets of sister missionaries crazy! everyone calls me the relif society president its pretty funnny my new companion is awesome he has only been out 6 weeeks and i am his second comp. he is a very hard worker and we are going to have a blast i am so excited to be working here as you can tell i was a little burnt out in my last area so this transfer was needed and i coulnt be more excited to go out and work. i cant wait to get my new shoes :) also my new adress is:

75 Filders Green #1110
London ON N6H 4S8

Love elder barrand

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

christmas on the 26th of november

hello family!! this week has been awesome! i got your christmas package and set up the tree like the directions told me to then i did so well i went 4 hours without opening any presents it was one of the best chirstmas's ever i got new g's which were badly needed, new scrpitures because elder rollins has a brand new set as well, a wicked sweet chirst calender, then the best gift of all mom
put together a photo album with quotes from my patriarchal blessings attached, i love it so much it is one of the best gifts i have ever gotten thank you so much mom and dad it was the best christmas on the 26th of november ever! btw the workis going well it is snowing alot i will get you pictures asap
love elder barrand

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Hello Family!
Things are going so awesome! I am not a big fan of tracking door but
there is always a time in missionary work where you have nothing to do and you
need to be out working. So tracking is the best thing you have think of. So
elder Rolling and I started knocking on doors and I have never really had much
success from getting people off their nice comfy couches to answer the door to
two dorks with parted hair and name tags and really ugly ties. We tracked out 2
streets and was able to get 6 awesome contacts. I love how the Lord blesses you
when you have faith and show it through works. Moral of the story is to keep the
missionaries from doing the least effective thing they can think of and give
them a referral today! All those who have served missions know that members are
the best way to bring people to the Truth and Light. So pray and ask Heavenly
Father who of your friends can you bring to the Gospel.
Anyways I love this precious time that I have to be around other Elders
and see and know amazing people I got to shake Elder Nelson for the Twelve Friday last week which
was pretty cool, and never before and never again will I be with 3 other
people/elders my age and start singing a Hymn and they will join me its so cool,
and be able to talk about gospel principles and doctrine all day and not get
sick of it. I love you all and hope things are going great.

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Preach My Gospel

Hello family!
Here is a quick report on the work:
               Things are going fantastic Elder Rollins and I are teaching a man named John Blais
he has meet with missionaries before about a year back. We have taught him a few times
and he has made the sacrifice to come out to church the past couple of weeks. We invited
him to be baptized on the 25th and he said he would. Then when talking to people at church
he mentioned to a few of the members that he was very excited about his baptism which is
very cool!
 Family life is great! I am sorry about not writing last week. What a wonderful week it has
been John has committed him self to be baptized it is so wonderful. Bob is no longer a
recent convert but has upgraded to member because his rebirth day was on the 12th of
November, then my birthday was yesterday so we had a good time eating some cake.
I am doing great mentally, physically, and spiritually although I am at about 200 pounds
I would like to cut back to about 190 the members feed us too well here. Mentally I am
getting along with my companion just great although I am ready for a new area I have
been in this area going on 6 months and its time for a scenery change. Spiritually I am
doing awesome I absolutely love being able to enjoy the amazing incredible cool stories
and the Book of Mormon has to offer. The stories show the most amazing examples or
how to be a great missionary. Also Preach My Gospel is amazing. I am striving my hardest
to become a Preach my Gospel Missionary which is the most effective tool in the Lords
Hands. We are trying to get our ward excited about doing missionary work and making
them into Preach My Gospel Members if you feel inclined to read preach my gospel go to
page 160 and start reading.
Anyways we got a little snow last week and made a huge snowman and it still has a tiny
bit left we took some funny pictures but these silly computers wont let me send any pictures
from my new camera.
Love Elder Barrand      

Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Importance of reading the Scriptures

Hello Family!
Things are going awesome. we are teaching everyone that will listen to us the
restoration it is so much fun! Elder Rollins and i are still together for
another transfer! hurray! our investigators are progressing slowly but surly.
our mission president said and interesting thing he said that we right now are
the Lords most Golden investigators i was thinking about that and about how can
i make me gators more golden, and i pray so hard that they will read the Book of
Mormon and Pray if it is the word of God, what is so hard about reading. then i
think back to how much i have read before my mission and i barely ever read. the
people that are the most happy are the ones that go to church read and pray, its
that simple.

THANKS so much for the camera i opened it early to take some missionaries that i
might not see again because of transfers but i LOVE IT

love elder barrand

Thursday, October 11, 2007

General Conference

Dear Family

Here is a quick report on the work:
Things are going great! These past couple days it seems we have barely been working 2 days of General Conference and now Zone Conference, but its awesome so much spiritual enlightenment and zeal to do better and teach better I am excited. We had Larry Wright a new investigators this week come to a session of General Conference. He slept threw most of it but the spirit was there, he has been studying with the Witnesses for 15 years and not been baptized. But he wants tomake sure it is the right one so that’s why he is talking to us. It’s going to be great to bare strong spirit fill testimony of the first vision that Elder Kakuchi taught us.Wow this are going awesome! I loved general conference my favorite talk by far was Elder Holland’s on the Trinity or President Eyring in priesthood session.
This work is amazing. I feel impressed to share what the First Vision has done for me in my life. First when the spirit that is felt in baring testimony confirms my witness that it happened! I know with out a doubt in my mind itdid! The blessing I have seen are these:
Having the best family in the world, I think back to the day when Don was sealed to us and how lucky we are to know that families are eternal. How great is it that the priesthood is restored and we can partake from its glorious blessing. I cant wait for my next sealing! Knowing that we are sons and daughters of a loving Heavenly Father who wants to see the very best for us. This means, receiving answers to prayers and revelations for others that we need to help. I love this gospel I feel a great neglect the gratitude I need to give it. The best way of doing that is loving and serving others. Which I am trying my best to do. I love you all and hope we can all amount to all the Lord has in store for us

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dinner at Bob's

Hey Family!
Things are going great! Elder Rollins and I are working
hard we walk
about 15-20 miles a day and talk to
every person we can and we are having the
times of our lives. Elder Rollins is really smart and
knows the gospel
really well he is teaching me a great
many things. Elder Rollins is 6'7 and
about 215 pounds.
So all my companions have been a lot bigger then me
its fun,
but I still pick on him anyways. Thank you so
much for your letters Celeste and
Mom they make my
days! Don you are a stud keep up the good work at
church they
need you to be an example. Dad happy birth
day, there is a recent convert here
named Bob and his
new birth day is Nov 12 2006, and he cant wait to turn
one so
he can go to the temple. Bob has spent 13 of his 44 years of life behind bars,on charges of attempted man
slaughter, and he was a drug dealer, almost made it
to status of drug lord, and robbed a lot of people. But he is
a teddy bear at
heart. He literally has been born again, he feeds us every Sunday and calls us every night to talk
and always gives us the biggest hugs when we see him.
It's amazing what the gospel can do. I love you all and
thanks for your
Love Elder Barrand

Monday, September 24, 2007

Mary Ellen Nyman's Baptism and Elder Rollings

Hello family!!!
Here is a quick report on the work:
This week is going by great but very fast. Elder Rollings arrived in our area and went out and found 2 wonderful new investigators Kim who is a single mom and a 4 month old baby, looking for truth as well as her family, and it is a miracle she is still alive she survived an amazing car accident. Its going to be fun teaching her because she has such amazing faith and a strong testimony in
miracles. Hugh the other new investigator was a media referral for a Book of Mormon, he seems very excited to read it and very humble. Mary Ellen Nymans Baptisam went great! She is so excited about life there is a huge change from the first time we meet her. She is making sure she will be there this Sunday to get the Holy Ghost, and then every following Sunday to partake of the sacrament.
This week was transfers week and I got a new companion, and it is so much fun! My New companion's name is Elder Rollings. The Last area Elder Rollings served in was the MTC, and that means I am training him! HURRAY It is such a blast, he has some amazing faith, I can tell already because the first day we went out to work we found two great new investigators. I am so lucky to have the chance to train another missionary especially with my self being just a few months out. so i gave birth too, in mission terms i have boy and i am a daddy. Congrats on the baby Dan and Dave that's so exciting!! She is so cute and I love the name Lily. Congrats on you 1 year mark Tiana time is flying by so fast. I love you all and hope you are all doing ok. I will make sure I get pictures for you next week.
Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wednesday Sept 12

Dear Family
Here is a quick report on the work:
Maryellen's baptismal date for the
16th looks like its going to go through
the Zone Leaders Traveled us yesterday
and gave her an interview. We are
trying to get her a ride to stake
conference which there is barley enough
members going too. So I think we are
going to have the baptism on Sunday
evening. Its very exciting the change
that has been brought into her life from
the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
We got a new investigator name Barb this
week she is a media referral from a commercial. She is golden, we wants the spirit
in her life bad, and wants to find a good church to go to. She is going through some hard family troubles
that has humbled her a lot.

Hey family!!! Things are going so great it is awesome being a missionary!
I got some amazing emails from guys this week. Don you are a stud I hope you
fulfill your callings to the fullest, there are some amazing blessings that come
from teaching. Bud Bailey in the MTC is doing fantastic learning another language. And It sounds like the family is doing great thank you for you emails
I love them very much.

Summer came to an end fast the tempature has drop to about 8 degrees C and
rained a ton I love trying to contact people out in the rain it's a blast they
seem to never have time but I think they say that because they don't like the
rain. But I love the rain. I wish I could be in your ward mom and dad with 12
gators at church I get so excited if we have 2 there, that must be fun, anyways
I love you all very much and hope everything is going well

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The coolest and best story of all

Dear Family,
Heres a quick report on the work:
Things are going great! Maryellen the lady with the baptizmal date is
progressing very well she is takening the stop smoking program really hard, but
we know that she will be able to over come it becauseshe told us about how she
used God's help to get over her crack addiction.
Rob is going through some hard times because his girl friend left him again, he
might not see it but i think its a blessing because he needs the gospel bad in
his life. Now nothing we be holding him back besides smoking from getting the
blessings that comes from keeping the commandments.
Study is going well, i have focus most my efforts this last week on lesson one
and two, most of all the atonement, it is amazing!

Things have been going great. Its so great to hear from everyone Missionary work
really is fun my only worry and care is for others and their salvation, i wish
people understood that when we cantact them on the street, but oh well. i wish i
had some cool or great stories to tell you guys, the only thing i see much is the atonement of Jesus Christ
taking affect, which i think is the coolest and best story of all. thank you for
your prayers they work.

love Elder Barrand

Monday, September 3, 2007

Thursday August 30th 2007

Hello Family
here is a report on the work:
Things are going great we have been working hard with our investigators.
Maryellen Nyman has a baptismal date for the 14th of September, she absolutely
loves having us over. She has progressed huge amounts in the past few weeks, the
biggest thing she is going to have to over come is her addiction to tobacco
which we knew she will be able to over come with the help of the Lord.
Also Brant and Emily are progressing very well they read the Book of Mormon now
every day its wonderful with Brant’s new job they are going to use the first
paycheck to bye Emily’s birth certificate so that she can get a marriage
We have been working hard to find new people, because our teaching pool is small
right now.

Hey everyone sorry i was unable to write you guys last week we had our last Zone
Conference with President Ashton. Our new Mission Pres's name is Middleton its
going to be great. We our having fun working hard. hope everything is going
great back at home. i love you all.

Love Elder Barrand

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Celina Jordan's Baptism

Dear family

Here's the report on the work
We had an awesome week! Celina Jordan was baptized this Sunday; it is so
exciting to her make that wonderful covenant with Heavenly Father. Now that she
is baptized I think her family finally has all the motivation to keep the
commandment and go to church every Sunday and be active members. It is
wonderful. At Celina's baptism one of Celina's daughter's friends told us
that she wanted to be baptized, we are going to start teaching her this
We are also working with a young family the father and mother's names
are Ryan and Marcie. We watched parts of the video Family Answers and he
absolutely loved it. They are progressing very well.

When we watched that video with Ryan and Marcie I relized how amazing mom and
dad were its like they took notes from that video of what would make great
parents and they lived it, always making time for us each week for dates. Dad
always asking how was your day, and me always answering it was good
You guys were awesome thanks so much for being great parents!
Don, I miss you a lot and love you very much. You are always in my prayers never
forget that. Please be safe. Please live worthy to hear that promptings of the
Holy Ghost. he will keep you out of harms way. I love you

Love elder barrand

Friday, August 10, 2007

Celina Jordan wants a forever family!

Hey family
Things are going great! There will be a baptism of Celina Jordan this weekend,
she is so excited to be baptized and have the gift of the Holy Ghost. And to be
able to raise her kids in the church and progress with her new husband
Another one of the people we are teaching is Maryellen, she loves listening to
us when ever we talk about families being together forever she starts crying,
she wants to be baptized but does not know if she was baptized when she was
younger, we are trying to get a record check on her.
We are also working with a man named Rob who has been in contact with a lot of
anti from a local priest, and has been turned off to that church because of the
contention that comes from seeing and reading the anti. So things are
progressing with him slowly but in time he will come around.

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Thining of the Atonement

Hello Family
Wow things are going great! We just got back from Zone conference which
was amazing, right before we left we stopped by an investigators house and
taught them a Third lesson, it was fantastic, The situation for this
investigator is she is living with a member and not married, her name is Celina,
she has been wanting to be baptized for a few weeks but has been unable to
because she was not married to Brother Jordan. They have bought the marriage
license but have not gotten it signed by someone with the authority to marry
them yet. We committed to them to get married before the week was up and they
said they would, and then she told us that she wanted to be baptized ASAP so we
gave her the date of the 5th of Aug. As well Angel another one of our
investigators was with us at the Jordan’s and has also wanted to be baptized
the same time as Celina so she wants to be baptized on the 5th as well its very
exciting. I love you all very much and I hope everything is going well.

Love Elder Barrand

p.s. the church is true, I know Joseph Smith saw Jesus Christ and Heavenly
Father, with and answer to a humble prayer. I can’t think of anything besides
the Atonement that we could be more happy about!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The reluctant wife

Dear Family
Hello Family Things are going well. Dan our investigator had a baptismal
date for this Sunday but his wife does not want him to get baptized, we have
tried to teach her every time but she never wants to listen to us, we told Dan
that we respect his wifes feelings and we dont want to go against her. So
that door closed but another one opened we are getting a couple married this
weekend! Brother Jordan has been living with Celina, finally Brother Jordans
Divorce Papers are though so we went and got them the paperwork for a marriage
license they were really happy when we gave it to them. Celina really wants to
get baptized, that was the only thing holding them back.
Another exciting event we all rehearsed Nearer My God to Thee and
sung its for one of the other Elders Investigators Cj who we gave a baptismal
date for the 29th.
I will try and get some pictures to you guys asap
love Elder Barrand

Monday, July 16, 2007

Tyler and Dan and President Monson

Hello Family!
Things are going great up in Sault Ste Marie, We have one investigator
with a baptismal date, his name is Tyler and he is struggling with the word of
wisdom, When we teach him it we will promise some major blessings it will be
great. We have been working very hard trying to talk to people and share the
restoration. Another investigator named Dan. Is about 50 and is unemployed has
let us teach him. He came to church this Sunday. He is a big history buff and I
tried the best I could to tell him about how the world changed with the
revolutionary war and America being the only country at that time in the world
where they could practice religious freedom. I see some amazing potential in
this man. He is hard to read because he does not show emotion. In addition, he
is reading the Book of Mormon and keeping commitments.

I read the past conference talks and they are amazing! One of my favorites is I
Know My Redeemer Lives by Monson, after reading that about life and death I got
excited about sharing my new found knowledge with anyone that had some one pass away, and I am so
thankful for our Lords atoning sacrifice so that we could live again and be with
our families forever. I love you all and thanks so much for your support and

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Hello Family,
In my new area we are walkin/riding bikes. We have been working hard all week
and only had one sit down lesson with a less active member Emily and her
boyfriend Brant who is investigating and living with, during the lesson one of
Brants friends Tayler who is 14 came and sat in our lesson in and told us he
wanted to become a member of our church we gave him a copy of the book of mormon
he opened it up right there and started reading page one we told him that he
could be baptized as early as the 22nd and he was very excited about that, he
just needs to get his father who he told us would not be to excited to quit
smoking to approve his baptism.
Things are going great! We are trying really hard to get members excited about
doing missionary work, they feed us alot here so that should be pretty easy.
Thank you everyone for you support, letters, and prayers they are very nice!

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, July 1, 2007

District Leader

Hello Family
I have wonderful news I am leaving Timmins and headed to Sault Saint
Marie, the only place in the mission that part of its area covers some of the
State Michigan, and the coolest part is the Lord has placed me as District
Leader, and I have only been out 3 transfers, not very many people get to be
senior companion being out this young let alone be leadership, anyways when
President told me about be district leader he said the lord wants me to reach my
full potential, so I am very excited. My new companion is elder Lahadurn he is
huge weights about 300 pounds and is from Montana.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 20 2007

Hello Family! Heres an update on the work. Things
are progressing very well with Lisa. When she
said the closing prayer yesterday i felt the spirit
so strong,We have been trying to get her to read
and pray every morning with her sons. One of her
sons Trevor wants to be baptized but does not want
to learn about the church its weird. Other then that
its going great. We are also working with Richard
Cooper, he knows about and wants to be baptized,
and whenever we have gone over to his house to
teach him we always ask his wife if we can do
anything for her and she has always been friendly to missionaries, then as soon
as we give Richard a date to be baptized his wife doesn't want him to go to church
anymore. So we have been praying really hard that she will be willing to let Richard
progress and that she herself will be interested in learning about what we are
teaching. The next time we go over there and going to ask her if she wants to know about the amazing covenant
Richard is going to make when he gets baptized. Hopefully that will work. My
studying has improved dramatically over the past fews days. I have been to afraid
to mark up me new set of scriptures because they look so nice, finally i talked
myself into highlighting Names and Places which really helps me comprehend them a
lot more
Life is great! I read this morning the Jacob chapter 5 and finally understood
it! Its freaking awesome i love that the Lord tells us in these latter days when
we are doing missionary work that he will be with us and that if we work with
all our might are joy is going to be so great! And it is! I am so happy right
now having fun sharing the gospel. Jake Ferrigan, the 15 year old recent convert
told me that he didn't want to get the priesthood, I flat out told him that
without responsibility he will not amount to anything in this life, then i was
sharing this experience with Elder Packer and he told me that it was the voice
of my Father telling him that, then i pondered on how proud Dad would have been
when he heard me say that. And how great a dad i have! Happy Fathers Day!

Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 13, 2007

hello everybody!!!
HOLY COW its so amazing to hear from you don!! i prayed so hard the night before
you e-mailed us that you would contact us in some way. i guess is worked. Don i
have some advice for you Dont Die! there was a promise give by a general
athourity that if you read the book of mormon in another language then read the
book of mormon in english verse by verse you will be fluent in that language
when you are done, so you should try that with spanish, i did it for 2 chapters
then got distarcted, anyways i love being on a mission! it is so amazing! We are
praying for three people to be baptized before the 24 which is the last day of
this transfer Chris, Richard, and Lisa its going to be great! I will be sad to
move out of Timmins i love it here the people treat me like family its great!

love Elder Barrand

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Jake and Jason Ferigan get baptized!

Dear Family
Things are going amazing here in Timmins! We had 3 baptisms this past week the first two were of a recent
converts sons Jake and Jason Ferrigan, their dad baptized them in a beautiful lake one after another, it was
great we had Lisa, one of our investigators, show up to the baptism it was the first one in 8 months she was
able to witness. That was on last Saturday, then on Sunday after church Liliane Gauthier got baptized by her
husband it was great! Some other people we are teaching are Chris and Heaven, they are a young couple living
together. They are going to be married as soon as they can get a copy of Heavens birth certificate. Richard
another investigator that has been meeting with missionaries for the past year has finally made it out to church
with his four year old son, he loved it and wants to come back next week. We are also beginning to teach our
recent converts other children Brother Ferrigan's 23 and 26 year old daughters.
Hey family its so great to hear from you guys! I have some amazing pictures of Jake and Jason's baptism i
will try and get them to you as soon as possible. I don't have much to say except that i love working for the
Lord working hard always thinking about Jesus Christ its great! Calling people the repentance is so much fun.
Especially when they have a lot to change from.
Love Elder Barrand

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Things are going great up here in Timmins

We have a baptismal service this Sunday right after church. Where our recent convert
Wayne Ferrigan will be baptizing his two boys, Jake who is 15 and Jason who is 17.
they are very excited because they have seen the amazing change that has taken place
in their fathers and mothers life.
Also Liliane Gauthier will be baptized by her husband which is extremely exciting. There is
a young couple we are working with named Chris and Heaven they are set to be
baptized on the 10th of June, they are living together so Elder Hoffman I wish i had
time to answer all your emails individually!!! Tiana you rock thanks for being a great
example to me. Mom good luck on all your classes and your paper if it were me i would
try and eat all the elephant in one sitting just because i think it would taste pretty good.
Dad i wish i could have been there at state with you that would have been so much fun
but the things i am learning now will make me be such a better diver, student, father,
husband, friend, and brother. I almost started crying when i thought that Don may never
be able to go on a mission but there is always hope and thats all we can do is hope and
pray he has to decide for himself. Celeste congrats on your baby i cant believe you are
a mom thats crazy! You and Bard are going to be the best parents for her. Holy crap i
didn't know Bryce could get such amazing grades and be the valedictorian thats so cool!
Danica and Dave i hope everything is going well i haven't heard much from you guys.
Don email me tell me whats new in life My new companion is great! He is very obedient
and a very hard worker, and knows the scriptures very well, he has been out for 6 months
and i have only been outfor 3. and the president trusts us enough to be in Timmins its great!
Love you all
Elder Barrand

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Dear family,

We baptized Raymonde Ferrigan on Saturday she
is an amazing women, both her sons Jake and
Jason came up to Elder Packer and I at church
and asked when can we get baptized. We told
them as soon as your dad receives the
priesthood. Earlier this week we had a dinner
appointment with a part member family, the
husband is a member and the wife has been Roman
Catholic all her life. Brother and Sister Gotea.
We invited her to get baptized and tell us on
Sunday when you would like to get it done, she
told us that she wants to be baptized on the
27th. We used the Who, What, why, when, that
elder Kerr taught us it was great! Things are
going amazing up here in Timmins, many of the
members were really sad to see Elder Packer
leave, I am too he is an amazing missionary,
I am so excited to start working with a new
companion, and progress the work.

Here is a really funny story, Elder Packer and

I decided to head down to Sudbury last nightfrom Timmins, because Elder Packer is get
ting transferred We were on such a spiritual high after having elder packer say
goodbye to the Tinney family and the Ferrigan family, We started driving down the
road and missed the one and only turn, we needed to make the entire way. We drove
for 2 hours, on the way many things were pointed out to me that we were headed the
wrong way but we were so engaged with the amazing conversation at hand talking about
the people in Timmins. Like towns that we had never past before or the forest had
been burnt and we have never noticed it before.
There are no mountain ranges in Ontario so that you are able to tell which way you
are going so it is not unusual to drive through the forest for hours and not know.
Then all the sudden we came to a stop sign just then I realized we had been driving
the wrong way for the last 2 hours, this was at ten o clock at night so we stopped
the car gotout stretched a little and got back in the car, I realized that we did
not start driving with a prayer so I said one and in it I said please let us not hit
any moose on the way back. So we start driving back to Timmins. Elder Packer sees a
moose in the road and we are about to hit it going about 85mph, he slams on the
brakes, and we come to a complete stop about 10 feet, with the moose right in front
of the car. Then the moose just keeps running down the road and then back into the
forest, then I say another prayer thanking God for our lives. Then we get back to
Timmins 2 hours later, to sleep for a few hours then start driving to Sudbury
needless to say we did not miss that turn again. And now with a stronger testimony
that there are angels watching over missionaries and that the power of prayer works
and that the church is true!!

Love Elder Barrand

Monday, May 14, 2007

April 25th

Hey Family
My First Baptism is this Sunday! For Wayne Enright Ferrigan. He received an answer to his prayers through a dream and also he had a similar experience to
Joseph Smith and the first vision being over come by then Devil with doubt,fear, and guilt, then calling upon Gods name for help then feeling the spirit
so strong and he knew this is what he needs to do is get baptized. So i gave him my old set of scriptures that i got when i was 12 and he said he would cherish
them forever, and i told him to get new ones in a couple of years because thats what i did when i came on my mission. That set of scriputers was barely used, i
remember Bryce came up to me and looked at my scriptures and said “these look brand new” and i said thanks then he said that is not a compliment, and that
priced me to the heart because i never really read or studied my scriptures much before the mission, but now i cant get enough i love them so much i don't know
how i will ever be able to go a day with out reading them. They are true words of God i know Joseph Smith translated them and that Christ

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Our Gator Waye

Hey everyone!Things are going great we have been
working hard teaching our investigators preparing
them for baptism. Elder packer and i are traveling
North Bay (another city in the Great North) it is
300k away i don't really know how far that is in
miles but it took us about 3 hours to get here.
We get to actually see other missionaries it is
awesome! Wayne our amazing gator at church on
Sunday told me the excuse for not getting baptized
was melting away, then we went to go teach him
the word of wisdom on Monday and he had already
started living it that morning. This man was so
prepared to hear the gospel and have it change his
life, it is so cool to be able to see the affects that is has on him and his family.
I am so thankful for Mom and Dad even thoughit was tough getting up every morning at
5:45 for scrip tures and prayers it was worth it, having FHE and singinglove at home every Sunday
together even though i would of rather been playing video games. Most important dates once a
week either going and getting owned by dad in racquetball or going on walks with mom on Sundays
wow you guys are awesome!!! and learning to settle arguments even though i have yet to use it
with a comp i have taught elder packer anyways. Anyways i love you all hope everything is going
well sorry i don't have time to write more or get any pictures to you guys.
Love Elder Barrand

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Hey everyone! We had stake conference this last Sunday Elder Kerr was there,  he is a member of the first Seventy and a very loving man, he meet with just us missionaries for our Zone conference and taught us a great way to set people for baptism i cant wait so use it to set some of our gators to be baptized. Right after closing prayer at conference Elder packer and i went looking for his backpack because he had lost it. I ran into Elder Kerr just before he was leaving and was able to shake his hand again he said 5 simple words to me that hit me really strongly he said give it all you got i know that seems like simple words of Encouragement but to me it was a little different. I had a long time to think about it on the 4 hour drive back to Timmins from where Stake conference was held. I know those were inspired word to me because if I am able to give 100% of all I have only then will I be able to reach my full potential and become the man I have always dream of being, but even better the missionary the Lord has always wanted to have. You got me good Dad i thought for sure you hurt 
your leg or something bad, you better be ready for a beating when i get back. I love you all and hope everything is going well! Love Elder Barrand   Here is a list of people we are working with incase you are interested Wow things are going great up here in Timmins! Its was so  wonderful to receive great council from Elder Kerr at Stake Conference, we are going to set some people for baptism using his who what why when, method i cant wait to see the results.
Howard Fletcher He is struggling to over come smoking with his girl friend Crystal but loves the gospel and loves reading the Bible we just need to get him to love reading the Book of Mormon just as much. He is a good man wants to keep the commandments of God as soon as he stops smoking we are going to baptize him.
Janna Magman -she is also trying to over come smoking she knows its not good for her and wants to quit for her 10 month old child, her mom is less active and has been for about 30 years i know that if we get her daughter baptized she will want to come back to the church. Again once she quits we are going to do the Who What Why When method with her to get her baptized.
Wayne Ferrigan -Wow this man is a Golden investigator. We have only taught him a first so far, which he loved and was excited to read the Book of Mormon and see us again. We are going to teach him a second tonight. Wayne has 4 kids and has been married to his wife for 25 years and just wants the best for his family. I cant wait to see the best thing ever happen to him and his  family and that is coming unto the fold of Jesus Christ.
Diann -She is a less active who is struggling separating the Doctrine from the Culture because she lived in Provo for a couple of summers and saw that the people weren't always the best latter day saints, and now questions the church. I had only read the Book of Mormon once before the mission
 and had a good testimony of it but now i love reading it again and understanding the stories and the principles that it teaches and its a blast! 

Thursday, March 22, 2007

A quick report on the work !!!

Things are going great up here in Timmins! We are still
working with the same investigator, We have made
great strides with Sylvie she wants to reset her baptism
date so that she can get married to her less active boy
friend which is great. Also her son is progressing along
nicely. Lisa is still living with her friend that’s a girl she
really wants to change bad but doesn't know what to do.
The less actives we worked with this week are Sue and
Nicole, Sue was there when we taught Lisa a lesson it
was great, Nicole has stopped going to church because
of health problems but she still finds a way to go out and
get other things done, and she still feels she is active.
I have been studding the Book of Mormon 30 mins. every
morning and then reading in our heritage or covering a
lesson for a person we are going to teach that day. Wow
what can i say things have been going awesome we have
been working hard we taught the most amazing lesson
last night to a gator, it was half a first lesson on Joseph
Smith and half about Book of Mormon the spirit was more
strong there then any other lesson i am so excited to have
progressing gators. YEAH its the first day of spring but its
snowing!! That’s so cool that Bud got his mission call to the
same place as Spencer.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

We have investigators and less actives!

hello everyone here’s a general report on investigators and less actives:
"One of our new investigators this week is named Howard. He is very knowledgeable in the Bible which is nice but at the same time very humble and willing to learn more stuff so the Book of Mormon is great for him. He was very interested learning about the restoration he is a great man with high standards and is fighting for custody of his kids.
Sylvie and her son Steven are doing great they still have a baptism set for April 8 are are going to reset to the 1st this week on Thursday. We were bummed to not have Sylvie come out for church like she has so diligently before but Steven did come out for sports night and had fun playing scatter-ball and making friends in the ward.
Mary-Ann and Samantha are doing great also they need to make the sacrifice to come out to church. We have an appointment with them tonight where we are going to cover Alma 40 and testify really strong on Christ's atonement and try and set them for baptism.
A new less active we are working with is named Anny, she loves missionaries and was baptized 4 years ago. She is good friends with Sylvie because they work together, in fact after one of our appointments with Sylvie she referred Anny to us, and told us that Anny had not been going to church lately. Elder Packer and I's goal is to have both of them come out to church and to partake of the blessing there in.
We made great strides with another less active named Sister Kasperait, she opened up to us and told us why she was not going to church, and it was some small way of her being offended we kinda have her the same talk that Elder Bednar gave in conference not to long ago. Then we gave her the talk its self and told her to prayerfully read it over and study it and she said she would.
Zone Conference was great! I loved learning so much more about the Atonement of Jesus Christ it was a great experience. I am excited to continue to learn more through my own study and experiences. "
Me and my comp are working hard having a great time, Mom stop worrying i have a nice coat that fits perfect and looks cool to i found it in the closet here in timmins, i havent gotten any mail or packages yet from anyone maybe the mail is just slow, we have no music up here we are only allowed motab and hymns because they invite the spirit the most. i wish i could have been at your stake conference dad that would have been awesome! i love you all and hope you are doing well!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

March 7, 2007 Spit freezes before it hits the ground

Hows it going family?
This is really interesting my companion was born on the
exact same day as Don and would have left about the
same time as Don did for a mission,So Don might have
been my trainer if he had gone on a mission. I was
actually really bummed when i first learned this but then
i thought well when Don gets back from Iraq and decides
to go on a mission i will get to train him instead so if
anyone is in contact with Don through phone or writing l
et him know about this. Danica thanks for the cord the
library here doesn't have the drivers installed to read
whats on my camera so i wont be ableto get you
guys any pictures till later. Way to go mom for bring
back all those students! Gratz Dad on switching
partners and having some good things happening
with your work and being able to put together a
stove by yourself. Things are going great here in
Timmins the coldest i have seen the temperature
gage at so far has been -35C but that was not
what was cold the wind would freeze your spit
before it hit the ground. I witnessed a miracle
yesterday, we are teaching a native named
Mary-Ann with 6 kids who just moved to
and is struggling to get food on the
table because shehas to pay to get her kids
down from the reservation, she wanted to first
talk to us because one of her kids died in a
house fire. We knew that we was struggling
to get some food for her family so i called
the Relief Society president for a meal that
we could drop by Mary-Ann's house little did
i know that when you ask relief society for
some thing they give you ten fold up here
in Timmins, we had enough food that it would
barley fit into our car it was awesome
Mary-Ann was very thankful i figured we gave
her enough food to last her and her family
about 2 weeks. Another great story this week
is oneof our appointments bombed on us so
elder packer was like lets call some less
actives, we got a hold of one named Richard
who is headed into surgery this week and
i asked him over the phone if we could give
him a blessing and he said yes, it was my
first to ever give a blessing and it was great
Richard's wife told us it that it was exactly
what Richard needed, so God work's in
mysterious ways. Well i Love you all you
are awesome! The church is true!
Keep the commandments!
Love Elder

Friday, March 2, 2007

First Week

Hello everyone!

My first week out in the field was great! the first investigators
we taught is awesome she has 2 kids knows the church is
true and wants to be baptized but is struggling with living
with and having the same sex attraction is it was very
interesting. Its very cold up here in Timmins its about -25C
then with wind chill about -40C so your face gets frozen in
a smile when you are contacting. Last night i taught my first
first lesson to a real person the people in the MTC and
comps don't count and it was awesome the spirit was so
strong and its so amazing how you can gain a testimony
about that the advisary is real because he comes in right
on que and interrupts the lesson. But the man we were
teaching is a honest seeker of truth so hopefully he will
want to join the church. My comp is freaking awesome
he loves to work and knows how to teach and have the
spirit i am very thankful to have a great comp. I loved
your stories from your mission dad they were awesome!
You are so awesome for going on a mission and setting a
great example for me and the rest of your kids by going
and i am very thankful of that. And i really hated those birds
when i was living in the pink room they would always wake
me up at strange hours and i would want to climb out on to
the roof and kill them.
I Love you all hope you are all doing well!
i bet Celeste is going to look really funny pregnant but i will
miss it

Love Elder Barrand

Friday, February 23, 2007

It's very cold up here, 10 hours North of Toronto!

Hello everybody! Gratz on haveing a girl Celeste and Brad!  Just wanted
to let you all know that I'm here safely in Toronto to the Mission home.
We had dinner and orientation, and then got my new comp. he is awesome!
his name is Elder Packer; everyone that was trained by him said he was
great, I’m stoked; the mission president Ashton is most likely the wealthiest
man I will ever meet in my life but also the most humble. then we drove and
saw the temple and got my bags then drove to the mission mansion spent
the night then woke up at 5 in the morning and drove (10 hours driving
straight north) to Timmins, Ontario. famous for being the home town for
Shania Twain, I like to think of this town as one of the farthern most points
of civilization. so its very cold and windy and lots of snow. there haven’t
been any baptisms in a while up here so my and my comp are excited to
get to work. in this area it’s only me and my comp we are 4 hours drive
from the nearest town, what my comp told me is that the president
sends the really good missionaries up to Timmins, so I won’t let anyone
down. my mailing address is now:

66 Brousseau #105

Ont P44N5Y2
elder barrand

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Dear Parentals,
Life is great! I'm alive. There's not a whole lot that goes on the MTC accept studying with the spirit and learning by the spirit which is pretty freaking awesome. I'm getting really excited. I'm about to finish the BOM for the first time by myself. I am 10 pages away. I can't wait to finish it tonight. Happy Valentines day! I am actually really happy that there are no girls that are writing me except sister barrand and it's awesome. I just wanted to give you guys an update on my situation. I have been getting a form of lock jaw. I have sharp pain that runs from my ear down to my jaw. It started this morning I entered the MTC. I saw the dentist today and he said that it was from bad alignment in my teeth an mostly from stress. Who would of thought that I would go through stress. All I had to worry about before my mission was where am I going to eat next. The dentist said I am clenching my teeth at night so the muscles in my jaw don't get to rest. The idea for now is ibuprophen, massage and don't stress out. So all is well, I can live with pair, I have one week left in the MTC.

I just want to go teach people and put my arms around people and lead them to Christ, give them the chance to repent for their sins. This gospel is awesome. We have prophets on earth that tell us what to do and even better we have temples to make great and awesome covenants with our Lord. At church we are all asked to prepare a talk on diligence. I only had one scripture written on my hand for my preparation and low and behold Brother Cerny stood up and said "We ask Elder Barrand to give a talk because he dove for BYU and all the swimmers thought divers were lazy but he loved the points I made in my talk. I told about Brother Botts at BYU .. I shared Alma 57:21 and D&C 100:6 it was great. I look forward to your letters and I love and miss you guys very much.

Elder BarrandMom's note.
Austin called today from the airport at 4:57 a.m. He got 3 hours of sleep. He said we didn't need to worry about the sister missionaries being attracted to him because the MTC food made him so gaseous that they all teased him. He said he had a great time, he played lots of practical jokes on the Utah boys in his zone and was a goof ball. He said he loved the study time and kept a study journal. He was disappointed that his companion slept through most everything and that 3 Elders in the 17 that were supposed to go to Canada didn't make it. One didn't show up, another went home for some legal problem and the last went home for a legal problem with statutory rape!!! ach!!! An Elder Wright was one of his very spiritual trainers who recognized his name and said "I know a Japanese Brazilian Sister named Barrand who was my trainer in the MTC, are you related to her? We take it as a good sign that laid back Austin finally feel some stress!!!!"

LoveElder Barrand

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Wow, I don't even know where to start! The first week has been awesome. Most people said the first three days were the worst and hardest but they weren't that bad. I would love to see the look on dad's face when I say "I love studying" I love being taught most of all because I know before I was ordained a missionary I would have never said that because with that calling the spirit takes over your life changes you into what the Lord needs you to be. There are ants in my pants to get out into the mission field and start teaching and loving the people of Canada. My district is amazing every Elder is going to be a great missionary. My branch pres is a small short guy that is shaped like George from Seinfield but when he bears his testimony the fire that is under me turns into a BON FIRE.

Richard G Scott came to Tuesday's devotional and gave an amazing es son on prayer. The spirit I felt that night after bearing my testimony to my district can only be compared to a few other times in my life. Then fir the first time in my life I prayed and asked for the Lord's will to be done, not mine, not for my glory but for the Lord, it was a very humbling experience to know that I am only a tool used to do the Lord's will and another humbling experience is....remember when I said I would be able to get along with ANY companion. Well when the Lord heard me say that he probably laughed a little when he gave my my campanion. He likes to sleep in every class and is the only missionary I know that doesn't take notes and reminds me of Scott T from the diving team. But I love him any way. He gives me something to pray about.

Love,Elder Barrand